Foot Leg Massager

  • Infrared Foot Massager

      遙控, 操作簡單, users can control the level of strength and choose different mode according their own feelings. Pulse function with thermal function after 5 分鐘, relieve the whole body fatigue. Repeated massage of the reflex area of the sole acupoint can help regulate human blood circulation and…
  • 2020 無線EMS足部按摩器足部循環設備

          我哋嘅ems足部按摩器足部循環裝置係一種由便攜式模擬器產生嘅脈衝,用于欺騙疼痛, 長期工作引起嘅足部疼痛. 不同脈搏單打嘅精彩組合會令你增強按摩師嘅真人感覺, 揉, 操縱,...
  • 2020 新嘅便攜式腿部按摩器

       Portable leg massager is a kind of pulses produced by portable simulator use EMS technology to stimulate the acupuncture points thus effective the leg, 燒傷腳脂肪到塑造腳. 幫助放鬆疼痛和疲勞.       Item Portable Leg Massager Modes 5…
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