What are the effects of neck massager

The neck massager integrates four physiotherapy methods of low-frequency electric therapy, magnetic therapy, infrared thermal moxibustion, and pillow traction. It uses the principles of traditional Chinese medicine to form a highly efficient composite energy field, which can relax muscles and muscles and help improve blood circulation in the neck, Effectively relieves neck muscle stiffness and pain.

The neck massager can degrade neck and shoulder stiffness, prevent hunchback, and correct posture. At the same time, the magnetic treatment point on the massage point can directly contact the body to help blood circulation, promote metabolism, and relieve the auxiliary treatment of cervical spondylosis for 5-15 minutes. Applicable people: white-collar workers, drivers, people who stand for a long time, sit for a long time, and face the computer for a long time.



The best portable massager is compact, and the hand massage pillow is a newly developed health care product that combines traditional meridian massage and modern medical massage principles. There are 6 massage heads inside. It has two methods of massage and percussion, which can be selected at will. It can massage multiple parts of the body and percussion. (With a hand controller, it can be selected in two directions, one direction is massage Massage, one direction is percussion massage) can effectively replace artificial massage, stretch the tense muscles and muscles of the body, reduce the tension and pressure of the body, make the body very comfortable, and promote the blood circulation of the whole body, accelerate the metabolism, so as to achieve prevention The effect of health care and physical strengthening.

Two groups of infrared warm moxibustion methods promote metabolism, enhance blood circulation, relieve neuralgia, and eliminate muscle fatigue; regulate qi and nourish the blood, adjust visceral function, and enhance human immunity; (the other direction can also be used without far-infrared rays. )

At the same time, its unique step-less speed regulation does not divide the number of gears. The speed can be manually adjusted according to personal needs, allowing users to enjoy a more reasonable massage pleasure.

An automatic sensor is also installed in the machine. When the speed adjustment has reached the limit, if you are not satisfied with your body's need to increase strength, as long as your body leans against the massage cushion, the automatic sensor can increase the strength according to your body's pressure.

The thermal protection function can prevent the machine from overheating caused by burning. It will automatically stop to protect the machine when it reaches a certain temperature. It can be operated again after cooling down. It can be used for shoulders, neck, back, waist, abdomen, legs, feet, soles, and other parts massage. It has the functions of massage, percussion, and far-infrared, which can effectively replace artificial massage, stretch the tense muscles and muscles of the whole body, reduce the tension and pressure of the body, promote the blood circulation of the whole body, speed up the metabolism, and achieve the goal of preventing diseases, health care and strengthening the body effect.