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Treat your eyes better-give your eyes a massage

Nowadays, there are more and more people who have long-term overworked eyes on the screens of computers or mobile phones and have different degrees of vision problems. We all know that the eyes are the windows of the soul, so we must be kind to our eyes to avoid all kinds of eye diseases when we are old. An eye massager is a good choice.

The eye massager is a Best Portable Massager developed by combining modern eye massage theories and the principles of TCM aesthetics. It is carefully designed according to the contours of the eyes and the distribution of different acupoints. It has 26 fingers. The head-shaped massage contact is embedded with high-efficiency medical rare earth permanent magnet alloy neodymium iron boron, which can produce the best magnetic flux.

It can effectively improve the blood microcirculation in the eyes, promote metabolism, relieve asthenopia, crow's feet, prevent myopia, amblyopia, and dilute dark circles, dark bags under the eyes, and other symptoms.

The eye massagers on the market mainly include optical, vibrating, and warm-sensing hot compresses. The functions of different products are different, but in general, it is mainly through contact with the eyes or through the visual effects of optical images to relieve visual fatigue.

The prices of these types of eye massagers vary greatly. In addition to the brand premium, they are closely related to product functions, quality, and craftsmanship. In one case, the optical eye massager has the highest price, because it involves optical imaging and other related algorithms to train the ciliary muscle; while the vibration type and the warm-sensing hot compress type are relatively simple, so there is a big gap in price. Because of the high cost of optical eye massagers, the most popular eye massagers in the market are all vibrating, warm and hot compresses.