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The effective functions of the massager on all parts of the body

Today, let’s popularize the effective functions of the best portable massager on the body.

Traditional Chinese medicine massage is a very good health treatment method, especially for friends who need physical strength in their lives. A certain massage after returning home from work every day can not only drive away physical fatigue but also prevent the appearance of some diseases. Such as lumbar spondylosis or cervical spondylosis and so on. However, frequent manual massage definitely takes a lot of time, and now massage instruments are gradually entering people's lives. So, what are the effects and benefits of the massager on the parts of the human body?
The cervical spine massager can effectively eliminate physical fatigue and discomfort, and it can also play a good role in relieving the soreness of the cervical spine, especially for people who are prone to a stiff neck. It can solve the limited movement of the cervical spine after stiff neck Happening. For sedentary office workers, long-term desk teachers, long-term driving drivers, and other professional personnel, the cervical spine massager is a good invention. It promotes the blood circulation of the cervical spine and eliminates it through vibration or beating massage. The pain caused by poor qi and blood in middle-aged people can improve the quality of sleep and make the brain get sufficient nutrients.

The back is an important part of the human body like the waist. There are a large number of sympathetic and parasympathetic nerves around the spine, which respectively innervate various organs in the body. The massager can improve local blood circulation, eliminate fatigue, and stimulate the corresponding parts. Through nerve reflex, the blood vessels of various systems are expanded, blood flow is accelerated, and blood flow is increased, which facilitates the excretion and removal of metabolites and toxic substances, reduces the malignant stimulation to the nervous system, and restores and balances the functions of various organs. Nutrition in the body.

The human body is composed of a system composed of many yin and yang balance organs, and the whole body organs are closely related to the lower back. Massaging the corresponding organs on the lower back can adjust the balance of yin and yang in all parts of the body and improve the body's local ischemia and hypoxia. , The accumulation of carbon dioxide and the increase of acidic metabolites help relieve the symptoms of backache. The acupoints on the lower back have a strict correspondence with the organs of the human body, especially the Backshu point, which can not only prevent and treat the corresponding visceral diseases but also prevent the five organs and nine orifices related to the viscera, as well as the muscles and bones in the skin. Therefore, the use of a massage instrument can achieve the function of relaxing menstruation and promoting blood circulation and coordinating the internal organs.