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Máquina de beleza
  • 2020 Wireless EMS Foot Massager Foot Circulation Device
          Our ems foot massager foot circulation device is a kind of pulses produced by a portable simulator used to cheat pain, for foot pain caused by long-time work. A wonderful combination of different pulse singles will make you enhance the true feeling of the massager, kneading, manipulation,
  • 2020 New Portable Leg Massager
          Portable leg massager is a kind of pulses produced by portable simulator use EMS technology to stimulate the acupuncture points thus effective the leg, burn leg fat to Shaping leg. Help relax soreness and fatigue.       Item Portable Leg Massager Modes 5 modes Material ABS…
  • 2020 Mellor limpador de pel por ultrasóns
         The ultrasonic face cleaner has a flat shape and must be used on wet skin. It works by being activated by ultrasonic sound-waves (24,000 vibracións por segundo), to loosen up dead skin cell build-up and debris. Ultrasonic vibration technology gently exfoliates the skin to remove oil, dirt,
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