Function of eye massager

The eye massager is a special instrument for eye care and beauty combining modern ophthalmology theory and the principles of traditional Chinese medicine cosmetology. The product is carefully designed according to the contour of the eye and the distribution of different acupuncture points. It has 26 finger-shaped massage contacts and is embedded with high-efficiency medical rare earth permanent magnet alloy NdFeB to produce the best magnetic flux. The eye massager can relieve visual fatigue, prevent myopia and amblyopia, and can also dredge meridians, reconcile qi and blood, improve eye blood microcirculation, promote metabolism, relieve eye fatigue, and restore ciliary muscle elasticity.

1. Beauty freckle/activate eye skin

If you can massage more than 20 acupuncture points such as "fish waste", "silk bamboo" and "bearing cry" in the eye area, you can strengthen the metabolism of eye cells, prevent skin aging and degeneration, and make eye skin more energetic and elasticity.

2. Bright eyes/relieve visual fatigue

Eye massage can effectively improve the microcirculation of eye tissue, enhance the metabolism of eye skin cells, make eyes bright and clear, clear vision, prevent myopia, and relieve visual fatigue.


3. Suppress neurasthenia/improve sleep

Massage promotes facial blood circulation, lowers blood pressure in the brain, relaxes nerves in the brain, improves insomnia caused by excessive brain use and neurasthenia, and achieves the effects of refreshing the mind and refreshing the mind.

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