Does the electronic pulse massager harm our body?

A lot of sedentary workers will choose the electronic pulse massager to relieve their sore neck. Indeed, using the electronic massager is conducive to optimize the quality of muscle and relieve its pain. Suitable massage can also promote blood circulation. But if excessive relying on the electronic pulse massager or misusing it, the way of well-being will become a kind of source of pain. Then does the electronic pulse massager harm our body? Next, the editor introduces it to you in detail.

If normal using, the electric impulse massager is harmless to our body and is good for us in contrast. Pulse massager can improve the quality and intensity of muscle. Electric pulses can also induce sensitivity at the reflector end of the subcutaneous nerve. Because the frequency of the electronic pulse is pretty quick, and the muscle is instantly strained several times, which is a great improvement for the reaction of the muscle. In reality, the effect is to increase the speed of the action, especially the reflection-type speed, such as backhand fists, small legs, cutting legs, etc. But the product is offline for its harm to people, according to the research of the Japanese. However, if you are in a period of pregnancy, you can not use the products.

Whether it's pulse current, or sinusoidal current, or direct current, as long as the current intensity reaches a certain number and keeps for a certain while (Impulse current generates cumulative time after multiple pulses), it will harm people because the electrical lesion depends on the current intensity and its remained time.

Pulse current refers to the current with invariant direction, and its intensity changes periodically with time, also called fluctuating current.

  1. In the early 1970s, Electronic pulse therapy instruments have been applied as a method of acupuncture and pulse to treat, or it is directly fixed on the skin acupoints for treatment.
  2. Researches show that the waveform of the electric pulse is different functions for the body of people. AC (positive and negative waveforms) pulses have little effect on the human body, while single-phase DC pulses have the effect of electrolysis so that it will corrode needles or even cause broken needles when acupuncture is used. Therefore, we should make a difference with electronic pulse massagers and stay away from the therapeutic apparatus inferior and outputting a single-phase DC pulse.

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