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  • Eye Massager Machine
    Eye Massager Machine Overview  With the improvement of modern technology, people are used to sitting in front of screens for the whole day, which is doubtless to cause irreparable damage to their eyes. Most of the time, doctors suggest that we should try and look away from…
  • Portable Neck Massager Helps relieve muscle soreness and stiffness
    Science-Backed Neck Pain and Soreness Relief Melt away aches, tension and knots with Evalax Collum intelligent neck massager. This device delivers a powerful bilateral pressure release neck massage every single time. Stimulate away your neck and shoulder discomfort by soothing your pains. Collum uses low-frequency electrical pulses also known as…
  • Rechargeable Mini EMS Wireless Muscle Stimulator
         This ems wireless muscle stimulator by imitating the pulse micro-current of human body fiber to make acupoint movement helps to eliminate fatigue. promote blood circulation, eliminate muscle pain, and so on. Different from other EMS massager, our products use 3D technology, feel better.      
  • Smart Waist with Heating Impulse
         Feature The smart waist increases your core temperature during exercise. That improves to sweat and muscle activity. Made with UV material for superior heat insulation and waterproof. Besides, it's easy to clean the surface due to smooth and glossy. Smart waist trimmer belt…
  • 2020 Hot Sell Healthmateforever Electronic Pulse Massager
       This healthmateforever electronic pulse massager is a very portable pulse massager machine, no need to charge and battery, plug in the phone or power supply can be used, easy to operate, three-button control, 6 mode selection, 12-level intensity adjustment. Which internally generates pulse waves…
  • Digital terapienhed TENS Muscle Simulator
      Tens muscle simulator er en slags impulser produceret af drikkevaresimulator, der bruges til at snyde smerter, for livmoderhalssvamp og smerter forårsaget af langvarigt arbejde. Vidunderlig kombination af forskellige pulssingler får dig til at forbedre den sande følelse af massager,æltning, manipulation,akupressur, flagrende, slag. Hjælper med lindringstræthed,forbedre cirkulationssystemet af ...
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